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Dietrich, Kurt Duke's 'Bones: Ellington's Great Trombonists Book View Record >>
Dietrich, Kurt Joe 'Tricky Sam' Nanton: Duke Ellington's Master of the Plunger Trombone Journal Article View Record >>
Green, Edward 'Harlem Air Shaft': A True Programmatic Composition? Journal Article View Record >>
Howland, John Ellington Uptown: Duke Ellington, James P. Johnson, and the Birth of Concert Jazz Book View Record >>
Howland, John Ellingtonian Extended Composition and the Symphonic Jazz Model Journal Article View Record >>
Martin, Henry From Fountain to Furious: Ellington's Development a Stride Pianist Journal Article View Record >>
Martin, Henry Exempli Gratia: As You Like It (Chord Substitution in Ellington's 'Satin Doll') Journal Article View Record >>
Rattenbury, Ken Duke Ellington: Jazz Composer Book View Record >>
Tucker, Mark Ellington: The Early Years Book View Record >>
Tucker, Mark Mainstreaming Monk: The Ellington Album Journal Article View Record >>
Van de Leur, Walter Something to Live For: The Music of Billy Strayhorn Book View Record >>
Williams, J. Kent Hodges at Newport: The Rhetoric of "Jeep's Blues" Journal Article View Record >>
Jazz: New Perspectives on the History of Jazz by Twelve of the World's Foremost Jazz Critics and Scholars Edited Book View Record >>

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