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Berry, Mark Andrew Musical Borrowing, Dialogism, and American Culture, 1960-1975: Bob Dylan's Self Portrait, George Rochberg's Third String Quartet, and Herbie Hancock's Watermelon Man Dissertation View Record >>
Coolman, Todd F. The Miles Davis Quintet of the mid-1960s: Synthesis of Improvisational and Compositional Elements Dissertation View Record >>
DeMotta, David An Analysis of Herbie Hancock's Accompanying in the Miles Davis Quintet on the 1967 Album No Blues Dissertation View Record >>
Hancock, Herbie Classic Jazz Compositions and Solos Edited Book View Record >>
Koenigsberg, Toby A Harmonic Technique of Herbie Hancock -- and Learning to Use It Journal Article View Record >>
Lyons, Len The Great Jazz Pianists Book View Record >>
Morgan, David Superimposition in the Improvisations of Herbie Hancock Journal Article View Record >>
Perry, J. C. A Comparative Analysis of Selected Piano Solos by Red Garland, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, and Herbie Hancock from Their Recordings with the Miles Davis Groups, 1955-1968 Dissertation View Record >>
Pond, Steven F. Head Hunters: The Making of Jazz's First Platinum Album Book View Record >>
Pond, Steven F. Herbie Hancock's Head Hunters: Troubling the Waters of Jazz Dissertation View Record >>
Waters, Keith The Studio Recordings of the Miles Davis Quintet, 1965-68 Book View Record >>
Waters, Keith Blurring the Barline: Metric Displacement in the Piano Solos of Herbie Hancock Journal Article View Record >>
Waters, Keith Modes, Scales, Functional Harmony, and Nonfunctional Harmony in the Compositions of Herbie Hancock Journal Article View Record >>
Annual Review of Jazz Studies 8: Special Edition on Jazz Theory Edited Book View Record >>

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