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Blume, G. Blurred Affinities: Tracing the Influence of North Indian Classical Music in Keith Jarrett's Solo Piano Improvisations Journal Article View Record >>
Elsdon, Peter Listening in the gaze: the body in Keith Jarrett's solo piano improvisations Book Chapter View Record >>
Elsdon, Peter Style and the Improvised Line in Keith Jarrett's Solo Concerts Journal Article View Record >>
Lyons, Len The Great Jazz Pianists Book View Record >>
Moreno, Jairo Body 'n' Soul?: Voice and Movement in Keith Jarrett's Pianism Journal Article View Record >>
Strange, P. M. Keith Jarrett's Uptempo Jazz Trio Playing: Transcription and Analysis of Performances of 'Just in Time' Dissertation View Record >>
Terefenko, Dariusz Keith Jarrett's Transformations of Standard Tunes: Analysis and Pedagogy Book View Record >>
Terefenko, Dariusz Keith Jarrett's Transformation of Standard Tunes Dissertation View Record >>

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