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Al-Zand, Karim Improvisation as Continually Juggled Priorities: Julian 'Cannonball' Adderley's 'Straight, No Chaser' Journal Article View Record >>
Buehrer, Ted Metric Dissonance in Jazz Conference Proceedings View Record >>
Caniato, Michele From Popular Song to Jazz Composition: Thelonious Monk's 'Ruby, My Dear' Journal Article View Record >>
Caporaletti, Vincenzo Esperienze di analisi del jazz Book View Record >>
DeVeaux, Scott 'Nice Work if You Can Get It': Thelonious Monk and Popular Song. Journal Article View Record >>
Feinstein, Sascha Misterioso Journal Article View Record >>
Feurzeig, David Kahn Making the Right Mistakes: James P. Johnson, Thelonious Monk, and the Trickster Aesthetic Dissertation View Record >>
Folio, Cynthia An Analysis of Polyrhythm in Selected Improvised Jazz Solos Book Chapter View Record >>
Givan, Benjamin Thelonious Monk's Pianism Journal Article View Record >>
Haywood, Mark S. Rhythmic Readings in Thelonious Monk Journal Article View Record >>
Kelley, Robin D.G. New Monastery: Monk and the Jazz Avant-Garde Journal Article View Record >>
Koch, Lawrence O. Thelonious Monk: Compositional Techniques Journal Article View Record >>
Korman, Clifford 'Criss Cross': Motivic Construction in Composition and Improvisation Journal Article View Record >>
Kurzdorfer, James Outrageous Clusters: Dissonant Semitonal Cells in the Music of Thelonious Monk Journal Article View Record >>
Larson, Steve Analyzing Jazz: A Schenkerian Approach Book View Record >>
Larson, Steve Conversations with Monk and Evans Conference Proceedings View Record >>
Larson, Steve Integration in Jazz Performance: Concealed Repetition in Oscar Peterson's Performance of Thelonious Monk's '''Round Midnight Conference Proceedings View Record >>
Larson, Steve Schenkerian Analysis of Modern Jazz Dissertation View Record >>
Martin, Henry More Than Just Guidetones: Steve Larson's Analyzing Jazz: A Schenkerian Approach Review View Record >>
Simon, Tom An Analytical Inquiry into Thelonious Monk's 'Ruby, My Dear' Dissertation View Record >>
Terefenko, Dariusz Review of Analyzing Jazz: A Schenkerian Approach, by Steve Larson (Pendragon Press, 2009) Review View Record >>
Tucker, Mark Mainstreaming Monk: The Ellington Album Journal Article View Record >>
Ziporyn, Evan Thelonious Monk's Harmony, Rhythm, and Pianism Book Chapter View Record >>
Thelonious Monk Edited Book View Record >>
Annual Review of Jazz Studies 8: Special Edition on Jazz Theory Edited Book View Record >>

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