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Clark, John L., Jr. Archie Bleyer and the Lost Influence of Stock Arrangements in Jazz Journal Article View Record >>
Dewhurst, Robin A Study of the Jazz Composition and Orchestration Techniques Adopted by Gil Evans Dissertation View Record >>
Garcia, Russell The Professional Arranger Composer Book View Record >>
Hagert, Thornton Band and Orchestral Ragtime Book Chapter View Record >>
Lange, Arthur Arranging for the Modern Dance Orchestra Book View Record >>
Mancini, Henry Sounds and Scores Book View Record >>
Nestico, Sammy The Complete Arranger Book View Record >>
Rapport, Evan Bill Finegan's Gershwin Arrangements and the American Concept of Hybridity Journal Article View Record >>
Russo, William Jazz Composition and Orchestration Book View Record >>
Russo, William Composing for the Jazz Orchestra Book View Record >>
Sabina, Leslie M. Jazz Arranging and Orchestration: A Concise Introduction Book View Record >>
Sebesky, Don The Contemporary Arranger--Definitive Edition Book View Record >>
Skinner, Frank Frank Skinner's New Method for Orchestra Scoring Book View Record >>
Sturm, Fred Changes over Time: The Evolution of Jazz Arranging Book View Record >>
Wright, Rayburn Inside the Score: A Detailed Analysis of Eight Classic Jazz Ensemble Charts Book View Record >>

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