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Beatty, E. B. Bill Evans: Portrait of his LIfe as a Jazz Pianist and Musical Analyses of His Style Conference Proceedings View Record >>
Berardinelli, Paula Bill Evans: His Contributions as a Jazz Pianist and An Analysis of His Musical Style Dissertation View Record >>
Berlin, Edward A. Ragtime: A Musical and Cultural History Book View Record >>
Berlin, Edward A. Ragtime and Improvised Piano: Another View Journal Article View Record >>
Blume, G. Blurred Affinities: Tracing the Influence of North Indian Classical Music in Keith Jarrett's Solo Piano Improvisations Journal Article View Record >>
Buehrer, Ted Metric Dissonance in Jazz Conference Proceedings View Record >>
Busse, Walter Gerard Toward Objective Measurement and Evaluation of Jazz Piano Performance Via MIDI-Based Groove Quantize Templates Journal Article View Record >>
Crook, Hal How to Comp Book View Record >>
Dapogny, James Jelly Roll Morton and Ragtime Book Chapter View Record >>
Dobbins, Bill A Creative Approach to Jazz Piano Harmony Book View Record >>
Dobbins, Bill The Contemporary Jazz Pianist Book View Record >>
Doerschuk, Robert L. Dick Hyman: Past Tenths & Other Musical Highlights of Jazz Piano History Journal Article View Record >>
Ellington, Duke Piano Method for Blues Book View Record >>
Elsdon, Peter Style and the Improvised Line in Keith Jarrett's Solo Concerts Journal Article View Record >>
Elsen, Frans Jazz Harmony at the Piano: Practical Harmony Method for the Jazz Musician Book View Record >>
Feinstein, Sascha Misterioso Journal Article View Record >>
Feurzeig, David Kahn Making the Right Mistakes: James P. Johnson, Thelonious Monk, and the Trickster Aesthetic Dissertation View Record >>
Gillis, Frank J. Hot Rhythm in Piano Ragtime Book Chapter View Record >>
Haerle, Dan Jazz Piano Voicing Skills Book View Record >>
Hasse, John Edward Ragtime from the Top Book Chapter View Record >>
Jeckovich, Jeffrey The Forms and Orchestration of Five Jelly Roll Morton Piano Solos Journal Article View Record >>
Jungbluth, Axel Harmonische Analyse (Bill Evans's Very Early: Chromatik als Ubergeordnetes regulativ) Journal Article View Record >>
Kenny, Barry Structure in Jazz Improvisation: A Formulaic Analysis of the Improvisations of Bill Evans Journal Article View Record >>
Larson, Steve Integration in Jazz Performance: Concealed Repetition in Oscar Peterson's Performance of Thelonious Monk's '''Round Midnight Conference Proceedings View Record >>
Larson, Steve Rhythmic Displacement in the Music of Bill Evans Book Chapter View Record >>
Larson, Steve Schenkerian Analysis of Modern Jazz Dissertation View Record >>
Larson, Steve Swing and Motive in Three Performances by Oscar Peterson Journal Article View Record >>
Larson, Steve Dave McKenna's Performance of 'Have You Met Miss Jones?' Journal Article View Record >>
Larson, Steve Analyzing Jazz 'Strategies': Two Performances by Bill Evans Conference Proceedings View Record >>
Larson, Steve Triple Play: Bill Evans's Three-Piano Performance of Victor Young's 'Stella by Starlight' Journal Article View Record >>
Leeuwenberg, Boudewijn Jazzharmonie aan der Piano by Frans Elsen Review View Record >>
Levine, Mark The Jazz Piano Book Book View Record >>
Levine, Mark Jazz Piano Masterclass: The Drop 2 Book Book View Record >>
Lyons, Len The Great Jazz Pianists Book View Record >>
Machlin, Paul Stride: The Music of Fats Waller Book View Record >>
Machlin, Paul Thomas Wright 'Fats' Waller: Performances in Transcription 1927-1943 Book View Record >>
Martin, Henry Jazz Pianists of the 1920s and 1930s Book Chapter View Record >>
Martin, Henry From Fountain to Furious: Ellington's Development a Stride Pianist Journal Article View Record >>
McGowan, James J. Dynamic Consonance in Selected Piano Performances of Tonal Jazz Dissertation View Record >>
Meehan, Norman After the Melody: Paul Bley and Jazz Piano After Ornette Coleman Journal Article View Record >>
Mehegan, John Swing and Early Progressive Piano Styles Book View Record >>
Mehegan, John Contemporary Piano Styles Book View Record >>
Mehegan, John Improvising Jazz Piano Book View Record >>
Moreno, Jairo Body 'n' Soul?: Voice and Movement in Keith Jarrett's Pianism Journal Article View Record >>
Morgan, David Superimposition in the Improvisations of Herbie Hancock Journal Article View Record >>
Nadeau, Roland The Grace and Beauty of Classic Rags: Structural Elements in a Distinct Musical Genre Book Chapter View Record >>
Newberger, Eli H. The Transition from Ragtime to Improvised Piano Style Journal Article View Record >>
Newberger, Eli H. Archetypes and Antecedents of Piano Blues and Boogie Woogie Style Journal Article View Record >>
Newberger, Eli H. The Development of New Orleans and Stride Piano Styles Journal Article View Record >>
Newberger, Eli H. Refinement of Melody and Accompaniment in the Evolution of Swing Piano Style Journal Article View Record >>
Owens, Thomas Bebop: The Music and Its Players Book View Record >>
Perrufo, Paolo Dal ragtime allo stride piano: l'evoluzione di uno stile Journal Article View Record >>
Perry, J. C. A Comparative Analysis of Selected Piano Solos by Red Garland, Bill Evans, Wynton Kelly, and Herbie Hancock from Their Recordings with the Miles Davis Groups, 1955-1968 Dissertation View Record >>
Pressing, Jeff How to Cultivate an Uneven Touch Journal Article View Record >>
Riddle, Ronald Novelty Piano Music Book Chapter View Record >>
Rinzler, Paul McCoy Tyner: Style and Syntax Journal Article View Record >>
Rinzler, Paul The Quartal and Pentatonic Harmony of McCoy Tyner Journal Article View Record >>
Schuller, Gunther Rags, the Classics, and Jazz Book Chapter View Record >>
Scivales, Riccardo Harlem Stride Piano Solos Book View Record >>
Scivales, Riccardo Non solo 'um-pa': la mano sinistra nello stride piano Book View Record >>
Scotti, Joseph R. The Musical Legacy of Joe Lamb Book Chapter View Record >>
Shim, Eunmi Lennie Tristano: His Life in Music Book View Record >>
Smith, Gregory E. Homer, Gregory, and Bill Evans: The Theory of Formulaic Composition in the Context of Jazz Piano Improvisation Dissertation View Record >>
Stewart, Milton L. Earl Hines's 'Trumpet' Piano Style: The Influence of Louis Armstrong Journal Article View Record >>
Strange, P. M. Keith Jarrett's Uptempo Jazz Trio Playing: Transcription and Analysis of Performances of 'Just in Time' Dissertation View Record >>
Taylor, Billy Billy Taylor's Basic Be-Bop Instruction Book View Record >>
Taylor, Billy How to Play Bebop Piano Book View Record >>
Taylor, Billy Jazz Piano: History and Development Book View Record >>
Waterman, Guy Ragtime Book Chapter View Record >>
Waterman, Guy Joplin's Late Rags: An Analysis Book Chapter View Record >>
Waters, Keith Blurring the Barline: Metric Displacement in the Piano Solos of Herbie Hancock Journal Article View Record >>
Wildman, Joan The Function of the Left Hand in the Evolution of Jazz Piano Journal Article View Record >>
Williams, J. Kent Oscar Peterson and the Art of Paraphrase Journal Article View Record >>
Wilson, Teddy Teddy Wilson's Advanced Course in Modern Piano Playing Edited Book View Record >>
Zagalaz, Juan La metamorfosis de la musica popular americana: el estilo de Teddy Wilson: 1935-1940 Journal Article View Record >>
Piano jazz Journal Article View Record >>
Earl 'Fatha' Hines: Selected Piano Solos 1928-1941 Edited Book View Record >>
Oscar Peterson Journal Article View Record >>
Ferdinand 'Jelly Roll' Morton: The Collected Piano Music Edited Book View Record >>

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