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Brofsky, Howard Miles David and 'My Funny Valentine': The Evolution of a Solo Journal Article View Record >>
Budds, Michael J. Jazz in the Sixties: The Expansion of Musical Resources and Techniques Book View Record >>
Strunk, Steven Tonnetz Chains and Clusters in Post-bebop Jazz Conference Proceedings View Record >>
Terefenko, Dariusz Review of Miles Davis, Miles Smiles, and the Invention of Post Bop, by Jeremy Yudkin (Indiana University Press, 2008) Review View Record >>
Waters, Keith Riffing on [0148]: Maj7#5, the Tonnetz, and Hexatonic and Acoustic Systems Conference Proceedings View Record >>
Waters, Keith The Studio Recordings of the Miles Davis Quintet, 1965-68 Book View Record >>
Waters, Keith Modes, Scales, Functional Harmony, and Nonfunctional Harmony in the Compositions of Herbie Hancock Journal Article View Record >>
Martin, Henry Expanding Jazz Tonality: The Compositions of John Coltrane Journal Article View Record >>

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