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Gilbert, Steven E. Gershwin's Art of Counterpoint Journal Article View Record >>
Hermann, Richard Charlie Parker's Solo to 'Ornithology': Facets of Counterpoint, Analysis, and Pedagogy Journal Article View Record >>
Lindsay, Julie Anne Analytical Approaches to Jazz Polyphony, with Special Reference to the Use of Pitch-Class Theory in the Works of Toshiko Akiyoshi and Phil Woods Dissertation View Record >>
Martin, Henry Jazz Harmony Dissertation View Record >>
Owens, Thomas The Fugal Pieces of the Modern Jazz Quartet Journal Article View Record >>
Salley, Keith Beyond Chord-Scale Theory: Realizing a Species Approach to Jazz Improvisation Journal Article View Record >>
Strunk, Steven Linear Intervallic Patterns in Jazz Repertory Journal Article View Record >>
Annual Review of Jazz Studies 8: Special Edition on Jazz Theory Edited Book View Record >>

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