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Benward, Bruce Jazz Improvisation in Theory and Practice Book View Record >>
Boling, Mark The Jazz Theory Workbook Book View Record >>
Brandt, Carl Standard Chord Symbol Notation Book View Record >>
Burstein, Chaim The Power of Pentatonics Journal Article View Record >>
Capuzzo, Guy Pat Martino's 'The Nature of Guitar': An Intersection of Neo-Riemannian Theory and Jazz Theory Journal Article View Record >>
Cugny, Laurent Analyser le jazz Book View Record >>
Dean-Lewis, Tim Playing Outside: Excursions from the Tonality in Jazz Improvisation Dissertation View Record >>
Dean-Lewis, Tim How Weird Can Things Get? (Maps for Pantonal Improvisation) Journal Article View Record >>
Elsen, Frans Jazz Harmony at the Piano: Practical Harmony Method for the Jazz Musician Book View Record >>
Flora, Sim A. An Analytical Anthology of Improvised Solos Designed to Supplement the Formal Teaching of Jazz Improvisation and Jazz Theory at the University Level Dissertation View Record >>
Forte, Allen Harmonic Relations: American Popular Harmonies (1925-1950) and Their European Kin Journal Article View Record >>
Greenberg, Janice Leslie Jazz Books in the 1990s: An Annotated Bibliography Book View Record >>
Jaffe, Andrew Jazz Theory Book View Record >>
Jaffe, Andrew Jazz Harmony Book View Record >>
Larson, Steve Schenkerian Analysis of Modern Jazz: Questions about Method Journal Article View Record >>
Lawn, Richard Jazz Theory and Practice Book View Record >>
Leeuwenberg, Boudewijn Jazzharmonie aan der Piano by Frans Elsen Review View Record >>
Levine, Mark The Jazz Theory Book Book View Record >>
Ligon, Bert Jazz Theory Resources: Tonal, Harmonic, Melodic and Rhythmic Organization of Jazz Book View Record >>
Lillos, Brian Navigating the Be-boppers? a Harmonic Galaxy Journal Article View Record >>
Love, Stefan A Model of Common-Tone Relations Among Jazz Scales Journal Article View Record >>
Martin, Henry Jazz Theory: An Overview Journal Article View Record >>
Martin, Henry Constructing a Post-Modern-Jazz Pedagogy Journal Article View Record >>
Martin, Henry Jazz Theory and Analysis: An Introduction and Brief Bibliography Journal Article View Record >>
McGowan, James J. Dynamic Consonance in Selected Piano Performances of Tonal Jazz Dissertation View Record >>
Nettles, Barrie The Chord Scale Theory and Jazz Harmony Book View Record >>
Rawlins, Robert Jazzology: The Encyclopedia of Jazz Theory for All Musicians Review View Record >>
Rohm, Joseph Jazz Harmony: Structure, Voicing, and Progression Dissertation View Record >>
Russell, George The Lydian Chromatic Concept of Tonal Organization for Improvisation Book View Record >>
Salley, Keith Beyond Chord-Scale Theory: Realizing a Species Approach to Jazz Improvisation Journal Article View Record >>
Santa, Matthew Nonatonic Progressions in the Music of John Coltrane Journal Article View Record >>
Satyendra, Ramon Analyzing the Unity within Contrast: Chick Corea's 'Starlight' Book Chapter View Record >>
Schuller, Gunther Sonny Rollins and the Challenge of Thematic Improvisation Journal Article View Record >>
Strunk, Steven Tonnetz Chains and Clusters in Post-bebop Jazz Conference Proceedings View Record >>
Strunk, Steven Comment on 'Toward a Theory of Popular Harmony' Journal Article View Record >>
Strunk, Steven Wayne Shorter's 'Yes and No': An Analysis Journal Article View Record >>
Waters, Keith Riffing on [0148]: Maj7#5, the Tonnetz, and Hexatonic and Acoustic Systems Conference Proceedings View Record >>
Waters, Keith Modeling Diatonic, Acoustic, Hexatonic, and Octatonic Harmonies and Progressions in 2- and 3-Dimensional Pitch Spaces; or Jazz Harmony after 1960 Journal Article View Record >>
Wilson, Olly Musical Analysis of African American Music Conference Proceedings View Record >>
Winkler, Peter K. Toward a Theory of Popular Harmony Journal Article View Record >>
Annual Review of Jazz Studies 8: Special Edition on Jazz Theory Edited Book View Record >>
Terefenko, Dariusz Jazz Theory: From Basic to Advanced Study Book View Record >>
Berkman, David The Jazz Harmony Book Book View Record >>

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